• Surveillance

  • Need to track someone’s activities? Contact our dedicated agents no matter how hard the job

    Our services are based in the Sydney area but our agents can travel all over NSW. We are licensed professionals, and know exactly how to uncover information in a discreet manner. Be it for business or personal reasons, we have you covered with our surveillance package.

    We believe in providing our clients with accurate facts and figures that have been collected with a lot of care and effort. Our agents will not stop until they have exhausted every avenue of investigation available.

    We work in a systematic manner to provide you with the information that you require

    Our surveillance strategies are extremely professional, and we work as discreetly as possible. In order to gather the required evidence, we go to great lengths, including following the subject 24/7, Filming and taking photographs whenever possible. In addition to this, we also maintain regular correspondence with all of our clients, and inform them of the progress that we have made.

    To give you an idea of the extent of our services, the following is a list of cases that we deal with on a regular basis.

    • Loyalty/Matrimonial issues
    • False Insurance claims
    • Getting information to be used in legal cases and for court hearings
    • Corporate issues
    • Office misconduct

    Our evidence is solid, and will give you the knowledge that you need and the peace of mind that you deserve. Email us at info@valiantservices.org for more information.