• Repossessions

  • We provide complete repossession services for anyone who needs them

    Our agents employ their knowledge and Our state-of-the-art equipment and software that enables us to extract all information you need in a short amount of time we also send you regular updates on the progress that we have made with your case. This enables you to stay on top every step of the way.

    In addition to this, our agents are skilled at recovering information through various tactics they have learnt and perfected over the course of time.

    We provide various repossession services:

    • Automobiles
    • Property
    • Any other item that can be bought on credit or kept as a collateral for mortgage, loan, etc.
    • Field calls

    As soon as the asset has been repossessed the agent will take photographic evidence of the asset and complete a comprehensive condition report. These will promptly be emailed with our final report on the case to you.