• Private Investigation


    Our Investigations division runs on experience and professionalism

    Unlike most private enquiry agencies that focus on a single area, we provide a multitude of services. Our agents make sure that they put in all of their efforts to uncover vital information, so that you may receive a premium stress-free service every time you deal with us.

    While working on sensitive cases, we ensure that our clients are dealt with the upmost respect, and their confidentiality is fully maintained. Also, we give our full efforts to find answers to all of your questions. In doing so, we make use of state-of-the-art equipment and software wherever the need arises, and spend hours in a single stretch until you are satisfied with the authenticity of our findings. During the course of every investigation, we keep our clients informed of the progress that we have made regularly, to keep your thoughts at ease.

    We offer a multitude of private enquiry services

    From background checks to DNA testing, we deal with all sorts of cases on a daily basis, and to give you a better idea of the services that we provide, we have compiled together a list of some of them below.

    • Corporate cases
    • Asset investigation
    • DNA testing and matching
    • Personality analysis
    • Unsolved crimes
    • Debugging
    • Internet scams
    • Land title checks
    • Infidelity

    Solving complicated cases and looking for the information that you need is what we do best. Make us a part of your problems, and have them resolved in a timely and effective manner.

    We want to solve your problems for you. It's our job to make your life easy and put all speculation to rest.

    Many people suffer from various issues in silence. In Sydney alone, there have been numerous cases of people going through emotional trauma due to domestic issues. If you are also stuck in a similar situation, then you can consult our Investigations division, and seek answers for the questions that arise in your mind.

    Your satisfaction means the most to us, which is why we make it our mission to exhaust every avenue of enquiry before we settle on your case.

    No matter what issues you're facing, we have all the expertise to help you out

    We have all the skills that are required to collect solid evidence and see what others may have missed. Moreover, we are also well-aware of the prevalent family laws in our areas of operation. Be it a case of spouse/partner infidelity, child custody, locating a loved one, alimony settlement, or even stalking, we will provide you with all the information that you need in the form of facts, figures, and photographs. Your anonymity will be maintained under all circumstances.