• Debt Collection

  • Debt recovery was never this easy! Contact us to learn more

    We help individuals and organizations alike; our goal is to help you get your money back in a simple and effective manner. Our agents pride themselves on fast responses and keeping clients up to date and informed on their case.

    We also know how to work with debtors to achieve a positive outcome for everyone.

    If you are unsure if you need a Debt recovery specialist, please read the list below.

    • Give information about the debtor’s account
    • Convey a demand for payment
    • Accurately explain the consequences of non-payment, including any legal remedies available to the collector/creditor, and any service restrictions that may apply in the case of utilities (for example, electricity)
    • Make arrangements for repayment of a debt
    • Put a settlement proposal or alternative payment arrangement to the debtor
    • Review existing arrangements after an agreed period
    • Ascertain why earlier attempts to contact the debtor have not been responded to within a reasonable period, if this is the case
    • Ascertain why an agreed repayment arrangement has not been complied with, if this is the case
    • Investigate whether the debtor has changed their residential location without informing you, when there are grounds for believing this has occurred
    • Sight, inspect or recover a security interest.

    We do not believe in making our clients wait or go through complicated processes to avail our services. When you need our assistance, just follow the steps mentioned below, and we will get back to you in no time.

    • Send an email to info@valiantservices.org, and set up a phone appointment with our Recoveries division.
    • Give our agent the required information on your debt collection problem.
    • We will work out everything for you in a timely manner.