• Background & Asset Check

  • Our Investigation division are experts at providing comprehensive background checks for legal, private and corporate clients.

    Generally, a background check will confirm the name, civil records, professional affiliations, professional licenses, bankruptcy records, judgements, property deeds, and evictions, among other information when available.

    Every background check we provide has the capacity to develop a comprehensive picture of every aspect of the subject be it civil, educational, marital and professional history

    We specialize in various background checks such as:

    • Executive background investigations
    • Litigation and pre-litigation support
    • Corporate due Diligence
    • Pre- employment screening
    • Civil record checks
    • Financial analysis
    • Prenuptial and pre-marital background checks
    • liens and judgements

    While other Skip tracing and investigation services rely exclusively on databases, we delve much deeper. Our investigations Division are supported by extensive resources such as access to technical specialists and various proprietary sources, we also take advantage of computer forensics. Compiling all these resources together we can guarantee a comprehensive, cost-effective result for every client.

    If you would like us to launch a further in depth surveillance investigation we can also supply our services in that area.

    Asset checks

    Our asset checks will usually contain property ownership, corporation/business ownership, recreational ownership and outstanding liens and judgements. Financial records can only be obtained if you have a judgement or have ongoing litigation for damages.